Solar PV Inspections

Keep energy savings on track

Most new residential apartment blocks have solar panel electricity systems known as Solar PhotoVoltaics (Solar PV). This is often a mandatory requirement to fulfil the conditions of planning permission. Whilst Solar PV equipment doesn’t have moving parts it would be wrong to imagine it needs no maintenance, especially as surplus electricity generated can be fed back to the grid and reduce bills. Data Energy provides Managing Agents with annual inspections to ensure Solar PV equipment is operating correctly and savings are being secured.

Benefit from Feed in Tariffs

Solar PV Inspections

Solar PV equipment needs to run properly to maximise the benefit of the feed in tariffs (FiTs) that apply. The FiT is paid based on the metered export of electricity generated and fed back to the grid. Yet despite being so important, metering doesn’t fall under the remit of the Distribution Network Operators, making it the owner’s responsibility to ensure that everything is working correctly. Like so many things related to property management – it’s down to you.

Data Energy’s service spans management of the installation of Solar PV panels on the roof to receipt of the valuable FiT. All metered energy generation and consumption is reconciled as part of our overall energy management responsibilities.

Benefit from solar energy on site

Did you know that Solar PV systems are wired up so that electricity generated and used locally within the building is not metered? Because of this, the only way to check that the system is working correctly is a maintenance check to test the installation!

Our expertise ensures that you can be confident that your residents and clients achieve the full benefit of this renewable energy source.