Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

It’s happening. Vehicles are going green.

Electric Vehicle Charging StationsWith a rise in electric-powered cars and public policies to encourage take-up, comes the need for charging stations for drivers. Data Energy now offers a package to help you administer Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) at your sites.

Plug-in power means more miles per KWh

You may have charging points at your properties because of planning requirements. Or perhaps you provide charging bays to demonstrate your commitment to innovation and customer service for residents. Whatever the reason, charging stations are becoming increasingly important. Units come in a variety of types such as wall mounted or ground mounted; single user or multiple users, and provide standard, fast and rapid recharging speeds.

Once installed, you’ll need support to ensure that your recharging stations are safe, accurately recording KWh usage and in good working order 24/7. Even if used infrequently, no resident wants the considerable inconvenience of running out of power and cancelling their journey because the EVCS in their car park is out of service. Likewise Managing Agents want to be sure energy consumption can be recharged as appropriate.

Our EVCS package includes on site visits by suitably trained and qualified engineers to:

  • Inspect the unit including safety checks
  • Undertake manufacturer’s recommended maintenance
  • Clean (or replace) the filters
  • Review metering and identify anomalies

For effective maintenance we generally recommend two EVCS inspection visits per year.