Debt Control Unit

Limit heating debts by curbing unpaid usage

Data Energy has launched a revolutionary control device. It’s designed to help Managing Agents and Landlords manage the debt levels on district heat networks and community heating schemes.

The innovative Debt Control Unit (DCU) restricts the amount of heat that a resident can draw from the heating scheme. It helps to encourage residents to keep up to date with their credit account obligations.

The DCU is located within the apartment, usually sited beside the Heat Interface Unit (HIU), and connected to the building network. It’s managed remotely, through Data Energy’s cloud based software. This allows consumption parameters to be set which will suit specific needs and situations. The DCU comes with a tamper detection system that will alert the Heat Network Operator to attempts to sabotage the sophisticated equipment within the apartment.

For the operator, this is an important element of financial control. It provides resilience and saves time when managing the accounts of those residents who are regularly outside their normal payment terms.

The DCU is available with two fitting options – retrofit and new build.

Retrofit applications

With existing installations, there may be a culture of non-payment. In this situation, we undertake a discreet installation service. The DCU is installed and commissioned whilst completing a routine HIU service visit. This is our recommended retrofit approach. The connection to the building network depends upon the availability of the installed communication network and its expandability. It may be necessary to install further hardware at building level to allow for the apartment level system to be commissioned.

Our DCU is compatible with most leading makes of HIU and building networks.

New builds

For developers, you may be looking to build added control into your new development. In this situation, we have the perfect solution at an affordable price. Our DCU is easy to install and commission within the heat metering phase of the development.

Planning the installation is undertaken with your building team as part of the overall delivery process.

Data Energy works with the manufacturers of the Heat Interface Units to ensure compatibility between the HIU and the DCU.

Ongoing maintenance

Throughout the year Data Energy regularly activates the system to check its operation. As you would expect, the DCU should be tested and inspected during the annual servicing of the HIU unit.