Data Logger

Data LoggerThe Data Logger is a device that we use on our developments to record information coming in from remote Heat Metering stations. We collect this data from the logger periodically, either when visiting on site or through remote access either via the GSM or landline network.

This data is then used to generate consumption information as it is uploaded into our billing system where typically all the information relating to the site, the metering and more are held. Our servers will then retain the information indefinitely.

As our company name suggests Data Energy are experts on the extraction and management of data. We have many years experience on varying platforms and works with many suppliers to ensure that the data integrity is maintained.

When we are appointed to manage the heat billing for a new network we will look to work with the installers to ensure that all the practical elements of the longer term requirements are met. We will also work with Managing Agents and Developers to ensure that the installation meets these basic requirements and is operable at the point of handover.

We undertake thorough auditing processes to check data validity. Data Energy engineers are well versed in the realisms of moving from the construction site ethos to that of a place to live. Our priority will be to see the entire process through and ensure that a workable solution is achieved.