For the Managing Agent

Practical, price-competitive, efficient energy

Energy now takes a high profile in the service charge accounts and there is an increasing emphasis placed on the Managing Agent to deliver both price-competitive energy and energy efficiency to their residents.

Data Energy has supported Managing Agents in this quest for over 20 years. We talk the same language, we understand potential threats and we help deliver practical solutions. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with our clients to deliver sound solutions to the energy needs of managed properties, which ultimately benefit the lessee. Through experience, we’ve built up an in-depth knowledge of what is required. We know how to deliver good, practical solutions that will stand the test of lessee scrutiny and cut the possibility of the first tier tribunals.

Our activities are not limited to the office. We have mobile technical engineers that attend sites to review and inspect metering arrangements, reconciling metering data against supplier invoice data to ensure accuracy and consistency. This is an increasingly popular service as metering arrangements become more sophisticated, and data becomes more accessible.

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