Heat Interface Units

Heat or Hydraulic Interface Units (HIU’s) are a common feature on any district of community heating scheme where there will be a centralised energy centre supplying heating to a number of homes within the development or building

The HIU acts, as the name suggests, as an interface between the energy centre and the point of use within the home. The HIU represents a heat exchanger, pumps and various controls that will allow the resident to set controls to suit personal preferences.

Data Energy have produced a simple diagram of how the HIU operates in a building with a number of apartments or flats within it. On the whole the HIU will be fitted with a heat meter that will record the amount of heat, in kilowatt hours, that have been used by the resident for heating and hot water.

The HIU will probably be part of the Landlords’ network and therefore it is important that checks are made with your lease responsibilities before attempting to undertake repairs or works to the units. As a sophisticated piece of equipment, specialist training is required to be viewed as competent on these units. The Data Energy Engineers have completed training with many of the leading HIU manufacturers including Danfoss, SAV, Vital, Altecnic and many more.


HIU Diagram v2