From 3 April 2017 we will be able to help Landlords and Managing Agents make their residents money go further as the ‘closed’ water industry is opened up to competition. From this date most non household customers will be able to choose their water and waste retailer with the opportunity to save money.

This is a very exciting development in the water sector and will allow for either negotiation with your existing supplier or the opportunity to select a new supplier altogether.

Any qualifying business will be able to look at who supplies them and decide whether the current agreement best suits their requirements. The smaller user, looking at below 5 mega litres (or 5 million cubic litres) of use a year will be able to benefit from:

  • Wider choice of tariffs
  • Better standard of service
  • Tailored service offerings
  • Advice on saving water
  • Lower prices

Data Energy will be on hand to help you through this with specialist advice and support looking to save you time and money. We look forward to getting the most for your developments, contact us on 01279 810120 for more information.