Legacy Issues Resolved – Silkworks and Silvermill

Minutes from Canary Wharf, this prestigious development is the creation of St James Homes. These apartments boast magnificent views across London due to their large windows, terraces and balconies, and benefit from a wealth of environmental design features.

Data Energy were brought in by managing agents, Michael Laurie Magar Ltd (MLM) who had recently taken on the management for the building. The development has two heat networks supplied by two independent gas fired energy centers. Within the flats there Heat Interface Units (HIU’s) from where the residents access the Heat Network. All this complex technology is aimed at providing a sound solution to the heating and hot water needs of the building on a 24/7/365 basis.  Data Energy were tasked with the responsibility of resolving legacy issues that prevented the Heat Billing process from running smoothly to the 462 Apartments at the development. Indeed the heat metering process had been suspended due to a number of concerns regarding the networks which prevented the billing process to be operated with confidence

After an initial survey of the development a structured plan was presented to MLM for the recommissioning of the Heat Metering Network. This included access to over 10% of the apartments to inspect and test tenant level metering equipment. Not an easy challenge. After apartment level issues were resolved any remaining metering queries were “Quarantined” pending further review. The two Metering Networks were recommissioned and the original design intent reinstated. From this point the billing platform and recharge process is running very smoothly and continues to gain resident confidence.

Feedback from the client and Managing Agent –

We instructed Data Energy to review the existing arrangements at this development and provide proposals for the heat metering platform that had experienced a significant level of issues at all levels. After an initial review, a structured plan was agreed and implemented. We now have a recharging platform that allows us to comply with the obligations under the Heat Network (Metering and Billing Regulations) 2014. The data collection and tenant billing process now runs very smoothly. This was a new instruction to us so we were under the scrutiny of all. The performance of Data Energy reflected positively on us and we would have no hesitation recommending them to other managing agents that may be experiencing legacy issues on sites with heat networks.
Rupy Jandu BSc (Hons) MIRPM. New Business Manager. Michael Laurie Magar Ltd